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Digital print on the fabric facade

One of the major benefits to using fabric on the facade is the ease and affordability to add print versus on other materials. Sneakerbox KU13 demonstrates a sophisticated design pattern approach to applying stunning graphics that come from the many names of their sneakers. The Facid 65, Serge Ferrari mesh system with a Printable EU 10 year warranted print is used as a complete building envelope. Facid 65 is directly attached to the facade giving a 65mm extension for a naturally ventilated facade skin. I highlight this as many might ask how do they clean the windows. Like many new projects using the system to reduce heat gain, they choose windows that open from the inside for cleaning or else it would be necessary for an elevated substructure which adds a lot of additional cost. And a final note, notice in picture #10 all of the people sitting or standing right next to the mesh facade. While this system can not offer a guarantee against vandalism, we do not know of one project where someone damaged the fabric mesh when it has been placed by pedestrians. Having said that, we always promote its best use on the 2nd floor and above away from pedestrians as this is always the best placement. The full album can be viewed here

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